Alley Cats casino game

Every person finds fun associating himself with creatures he loves such as dogs. Online casino games are not different either. If you are a pet lover, specifically cats, then you will enjoy the Alley Cats casino game. This is a video slot game from Microgaming that sticks to the cat theme. The game has the whole lot a Microgaming player would like featured at an online casino.

Alley Cats Casino Game

Game theme

The theme of this game makes it exceptional and worthy of fun. It has detailed graphics which are quite fascinating making the Alley Cats casino game more exciting.

Featured prize and bonus

The game has five cats which are the stars. They show up on the reels and come with other objects that make up the symbols. The slot reels feature a catnip, a trash can, bowling trophy, garbage, and a Chihuahua tied to bowling pins. The mystery prize feature is launched when there two symbols on the reel allowing players to pick from three objects.

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The cat tries to knock down the pins hence revealing the random bonus. However, in this game, only one bonus feature comes to pass at a time. Players can win up to 10,800 coins if they enter the mystery bonus. The bonus game can reward players with as much as 50, 000 coins depending on the pick


The Alley Cats casino game has 10,000 jackpot regularly. Moreover, players can get a secondary prize of 5,000. The maximum bets for this game are not as high as that, and therefore players have a better possibility at betting highest to hit the top jackpots that are available in Alley Cats game.

Alley Cats Casino Game


This game doesn’t have gutter balls but big wins, bonus features, and lots of fun. Want a game that you can relate to? Then Alley Cat can give you more fun.